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A 90-day training and mentorship program that helps therapists and healers bring mindfulness and psycho-spiritual practices into their work, become fully aligned with their true purpose, and bring more abundance, clients and cash flow into their lives, online.


You’re here because a little voice inside of you is DONE with letting your fears and insecurities prevent you from BREAKING THROUGH and skyrocketing into the lifestyle and income that is your BIRTHRIGHT and SOVEREIGN promise. 

Get ready to reconnect with SOUL PURPOSE, reignite your life's PASSION and wake up as your BEST, 'on purpose' self, while expanding your business and pursuing an ABUNDANT and SPIRITUALLY FULFILLING career!

If you find yourself struggling with...  

  • Burnout or loose boundaries
  • Feeling overworked and undervalued
  • Charging what you are worth
  • Too few clients, or clients that drop off
  • Paying rent on an office space or studio
  • An ineffective, online marketing strategy
  • Technology overwhelm  

This is the program for you. 

If you are interested in...  

  • Standing sovereign in your own authority and holding firm in your boundaries
  • Working less for more
  • Getting paid for what your time and talents are worth
  • Finding consistent clients that pay your full rate
  • Working remotely from home
  • An effective online marketing strategy that captures new leads everyday
  • A clear break down of the most essential technology you need 

This is the program for YOU!

Let me tell you more...

The Abundant Healer program begins with understanding your true value, where your power really comes from, how to manifest what you want (including more money), creating powerful intentions that get you results, and putting the outer pieces in place so that you are finally able to step into your FULL sovereignty. ​ I like to use the acronym, “ABUNDANT,” to summarize what clients learn to do in this program.  

  • Allow for the unexpected.  
  • Banish The Automatic No.  
  • Uncover self-stories and limiting beliefs.  
  • Notice the opportunities all around you.  
  • Discover your Higher Knowing.  
  • Anchor your dreams in reality.  
  • Nix the naysayers.  
  • Take charge of your success.

Your Skyrocket to Success includes...

A. 90-Days of digestible, bite-sized lessons and assigments, dripped on a weekly basis.  

This 90-day program offers three modules, taking you through the Leaping, Landing and Thriving phases of your business.


On the very first leg of this journey, we encourage you to call in your "soul clients." 

This is ESSENTIAL to being able to see the big picture of where you want your business to go, from a small time operation, in which you are constrained and capped out by trading time for money in 1:1 sessions, to reaching HUGE audiences across the globe, if you want. 

In the leaping phase of business we...

  • Soul Clients: We transition from being indiscriminate, to selective and focused. with the kinds of clients we WANT to call in and work with. 
  • Mindset Reset: We transition from scarcity attitudes about money and success, to conscious creating, and manifestation.  
  • Energy Healing: Operating from a place of "as is withint, so is without" we shift your energy and biofield from blocked to balanced.  


In module two, we put the marketing strategies in place to serve your soul clients.

In the landing phase of business, we...

  • Content Creation: We take you from overwhelmed, to clear, concise and sequential with content that creates an authentic connection with your audience, in the form of a six-week signature course.
  • Marketing Magic: We take you from having no direction or overspending, to one clear strategy with appropriate return on investment.
  • Facebook Ads: We turn cold audiences to warm audiences, reaching out to people across the globe, using the best of what facebook ads have to offer, including exposure to 1.5 billion daily users, world wide. 


In module three, we launch you into the online stratosphere with a live event and webinar, and set you with with an automated sales funnel, so you an start generating passive income in your sleep!

In the thriving phase of business, we...

  • Visibility: Take you from fearful about being seen and owning your authority in the field, to breaking through visibility blocks and reaching audiences worldwide.
  • Fab funnels: We take your business model from being capped out and constrained by one-off events and a 1:1 session model, to automated sales funnels and passive revenue generation, reaching an unlimited number of clients.
  • Live launch: We take you and your practice from unknown, to reaching wider audiences and converting viewers to clients.

B. 6 Individual coaching calls, over the course of 90 days, and 12 group coaching calls over the course of 6 months.

C. (NEW FAST ACTION BONUS) 6 months FREE ACCESS to my online school (any course under a $200 value)

D. A full, beginners set of chakra singing bowls, chakra stones, and a crystal pendulum.

E. Plus 10% Cash back on affiliate referrals.

Sign up TODAY! And take advantage of the new fast-action bonus!

Receive 6 months of FREE access to any course on (valued under $200) if you sign up today!

Wanna know my story?

Since making this video, my business has continued to grow. I mentioned making between $2,000 to $5,000 in passive income, within six months of investing in myself and my online school...

Since then, I broke that high average and brought in about $7,600.  

So if you are ready to...

  • Build your first online sales funnel... 
  • Craft a real marketing strategy to reach people you don't know...
  • Invest in low-cost paid advertising...
  • Launch your first live online event...
  • Stop trading time for money...

Still not sure? Let me introduce you to Kristen...

Kristen Boyer is a Shaman and Health Coach with a master’s degree in creative arts therapies.

She’s also AMAZINGLY talented, and recently completed a wonderful project with me, called HEALING THROUGH THE CHAKRAS, implementing the strategies I teach you in the ABUNDANT HEALER PROGRAM: 90 DAYS TO SKYROCKET YOUR CAREER. 

Besides having a whole lot of fun putting this project together, processing a TON of baggage as we did it, and generally just being a couple of goof balls, we also brought in $6,500 for it's opening launch.

Kristen shared the following testimonial with me, which was SO amazing, unexpected, and makes all of this worth it! 

Before working with Briana, I was feeling really stuck, hopeless and bleak, especially about a challenging legal obstacle that'd come up for me the same week I did a coaching session with Briana. 

“In my challenged state, Briana reminded me of my power and my ability to shift out of a dis-empowered mindset into one of empowerment and authority over my situation. She gently guided me to look at aspects of my situation that were sitting in my 'blindspot" and helped me gain insight into parts of my situation I hadn't thought about. But most importantly, she offered nurturing support and met me exactly where I was at. 

"As a mental healthcare practitioner and energetic healer, I am used to holding a supportive space for others and seldom have someone so talented and intuitive as Briana, to hold that transformative space for me! I didn't realize how much I needed the support she offered until I received it. It literally brought me to tears of gratitude! 

“Since working with Briana, I feel more empowered and excited about the future. I am able to see past obstacles as opportunities to grow and step up into my power. I'm optimistic and feel supported to achieve my goals and feel like the universe, and Briana, have my back to shine my light and be in my power!  

“I'm so grateful for Briana and all of her work! She's amazing and I highly recommend her transformative work to anyone ready for personal and professional breakthrough!” 

--Kristen Boyer 

Thank YOU, Kristen! 

In THE ABUNDANT HEALER: 90 DAYS TO SKYROCKET YOUR CAREER signature program, the emphasis is on my facilitation of YOU developing your OWN six-week, signature program.  

At the end of the program, I provide my platform as a way for you to dip your toes in LIVE online webinars, and give you a recording you can use in your sales funnels, to sell your course on automation (if that suits your business model and career goals). 

Sound good? 


Then I’d encourage you to ENROLL or BOOK YOUR CONSULTATION NOW, because seats are limited and the current cycle is just about to close.  

There is no time like the PRESENT! 




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